Sunday, June 2, 2013

PTSD Awareness Month: PTSD and Trauma

     June is National Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Month. Throughout the month, I will be posting helpful websites and resources for anyone who wishes to learn more about PTSD.

     Let's start at the very beginning of PTSD: the trauma event(s). How are trauma and PTSD related? I think this link explains the connection very well. Basically, trauma is fairly common, but PTSD is much less common. There are certain factors which influence one's likeness to develop PTSD. Also, a large percentage of PTSD victims are in the armed forces, and this page gives a brief overview of recent military PTSD history.

     The trauma event(s) are the beginning point of a journey which can be directed toward healing or toward destruction. As one of my therapists once told me, trauma is what happens when someone else has and exercises control over you without having your best interests in mind. This could be a one-time event or a recurring event over several years. Either way, the trauma event(s) have a profound impact on the person. Sometimes, that impact makes a person more grateful or cautious. Sometimes, it can bring them toward religion or away from crime. However, sometimes, that impact can lead directly to PTSD.

     How do you know when you or someone you love has PTSD?

     That's a question for next time.

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